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Hello Swirlies!

As I conclude my internship with Swirl Inc., I present the research that I have done, which examines if believing that race is a social construct correlates with a biracial individual’s self-esteem. Thank you to all who have participated! The following is an abridged version of the reasoning behind and findings of my research: (more…)

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Hello Swirlies!

The time has arrived for you to participate in the study I have been working on this summer!

Please read in further detail below the qualifications for the study.

Thank you, and please send this out to your bi- and multi- racial friends and family!

— Olivia


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As a Biracial college student, I had a lot of questions going into college: Do I have to check only one box? Are they interested in me for me or for the sake of diversity? Will there be other students like me? But most prevalent recently is this question: Am I qualified for scholarships specifically set aside for minorities? In the end of my sophomore year, I was informed that I was being considered for a scholarship given to low income, high achieving, African American students.  I clearly stated I was Biracial on my application, and later that year I was informed that I had received the scholarship. It was only after I had received the scholarship that I began to wonder what impact, if any, identifying as Biracial had on my application. (more…)

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Originally published at The Time Is Always Right

by Jen Chau

In the past couple of years, I have noticed a certain complacency that I never noticed before, in my eleven years of leading Swirl. The same passion and the same excitement around building multiracial communities had faded a bit. In the one year leading up to the Presidential election, we launched five new chapters (the norm had been a chapter every year or every other year). People were excited by the energy created by Obama’s campaign, and they were motivated and eager to be a part of creating supportive and inclusive multiracial communities. (more…)

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by Ariel Joseph

“Return to Africa” they say. Proud of their heritage and sure of their connectedness to a continent and a peoples, an ocean and generations removed, they remain certain that they have a motherland, a place – perhaps the only place – on this lonely planet where they belong. (more…)

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by Anita Gill

When I was a little girl, I had a crush on a particular boy in my grade. I told my mom that I liked him because I felt I could tell her anything. She asked me, “Why do you like H—?”


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by Afro DZ ak

Just Cause I’m Mixed, that don’t mean that I’m mixed up

Inherently confused or I need to be fixed up

Just Cause I’m Mixed, that don’t mean I’m a mule

So don’t call me ‘mulatto,’ thinkin it’s cool

Just Cause I’m Mixed, that don’t mean I’m adopted

Yes, she’s white, and yes, she’s my biological mama

But whether or not I was adopted, you ain’t got the right

To stare or make comments cause my mother is white (more…)

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