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As a Biracial college student, I had a lot of questions going into college: Do I have to check only one box? Are they interested in me for me or for the sake of diversity? Will there be other students like me? But most prevalent recently is this question: Am I qualified for scholarships specifically set aside for minorities? In the end of my sophomore year, I was informed that I was being considered for a scholarship given to low income, high achieving, African American students.  I clearly stated I was Biracial on my application, and later that year I was informed that I had received the scholarship. It was only after I had received the scholarship that I began to wonder what impact, if any, identifying as Biracial had on my application. (more…)

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by Rayuela

Cry, the Beloved Country was written by Alan Paton and was first published in Great Britain in 1948. It is set in the South Africa of the 1940s (1946 to be precise) – a country fraught with racial tensions and searching desperately for a solution to its problems. Apartheid was instituted only four months after book was published. (more…)

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