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Hello Swirlies!

As I conclude my internship with Swirl Inc., I present the research that I have done, which examines if believing that race is a social construct correlates with a biracial individual’s self-esteem. Thank you to all who have participated! The following is an abridged version of the reasoning behind and findings of my research: (more…)

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Hello Swirlies!

The time has arrived for you to participate in the study I have been working on this summer!

Please read in further detail below the qualifications for the study.

Thank you, and please send this out to your bi- and multi- racial friends and family!

— Olivia


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Self-Esteem is widely studied in a variety of topics regarding social development of adolescents. With the amount of scholarly research increasing about Multiracial individuals and families, it is only natural that self-esteem be examined in Biracial adolescents as compared to other ethnic groups. While this may seem like a basic topic, considering the fact that it was not examined previously makes it interesting to focus on. (more…)

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