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Jen Chau, Founder and Executive Director of Swirl, Inc.
April 10, 2009  

Imagine swastikas and racial epithets spray-painted on your car right outside of your home. It’s scary and very upsetting.   This describes precisely the recent hate crime committed against an interracial family in Los Alamitos, Calif., two days ago (Gleeson, 2009). As frightening and disconcerting as this is, it is important that we shake off our blinders and acknowledge the reality of racism today. We can wonder how something like this would happen in a “nice” neighborhood. We may question why these things are still happening when we have an African-American president of mixed heritage. And we could ask ourselves why people still see color.

Or we can use our time instead to try to understand how racism continues to function in our lives in this country. (more…)

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